From separate agile bricks to a coherent agile foundation

The cooperation of Nitor and DNA started in 2016 with the objective to increase and expand agility within the organisation. This was done by implementing a larger “master” agile team, unifying separate teams having dependencies between them. 

Earlier, a number of teams were working on separate projects, having numerous dependencies between them, with little communication. This caused late surprises and a domino effect with significant delays in the overall delivery timetables. DNA also had some agile islands where teams were utilising adaptive and iterative development methods, but the rest of the organisation was not yet using agile principles, which made cooperation difficult between different parts of the organisation. 

Forming one common larger agile team of teams with shared planning allowed people involved in different projects to have visibility of how work proceeds, and what is needed and when. Everybody involved gained visibility of potential future obstacles, making it possible to address the issues before they created problems. 

In 2018, the cooperation expanded to implementing B2B lean portfolio management, in order to increase transparency in upper levels of management. This resulted in better prioritisation and ability to react to changing business requirements, as well as an increase in trust in the process of new product development. This, in turn, allowed management to have greater confidence in the completion of the business outcomes as intended. 

Photos: DNA