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Nitor’s revenue grew by 14% in 2020

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November 16, 2021 · 2 min read time

Nitor increased its revenue by 14% in the year 2020, reaching approximately 33 million euro. Operating income for the 2020 financial year grew to 6.8 million euro (+25%). Demand for Nitor’s services grew as businesses actively invested in the development of digital services. Operating in Helsinki and Stockholm, Nitor is aiming for significant growth in Sweden in the next three years.

The digital engineering company’s annual revenue grew by 14% in 2020, reaching approximately 33 million euro. Operating profit for the 2020 financial year grew to 6.8 million euro, up 25% from the previous year.

“Last year, Nordic companies invested heavily in digitalisation, business development, agile change and machine learning. We have been successful in anticipating this demand. The last year taught all of us a lot about readiness to change. Therefore, I believe that more and more success stories will be written following the model of sustainable digital development”, says Olli Auvinen, CEO at Nitor.

Despite the exceptional year, Nitor succeeded in meeting its clients’ growing demand for digitalisation. In 2020, the digital engineering company achieved again an excellent result in the customer satisfaction survey conducted annually by the business analysis company Onway.

In recent years, Nitor has increasingly operated as a strategic partner to its clients in commercially significant digital services. These include ABC mobile, Supercell’s player support services and the Elisa webshop. Public sector services, such as the accessibility-oriented Service Map and digital library services developed with the City of Helsinki, have also garnered praise.

In order to better serve its clients, Nitor has in recent years expanded its service offering to include digital business consulting services and strategic service design.

Operating in Helsinki and Stockholm, Nitor also targets significant growth in Sweden during the next three years. In spring 2021, the IT consulting and business management expert Sebastian Uramek started as Nitor’s Business Development Director in Sweden. Nitor aims to promote sustainable digital development in Sweden and achieve the best customer and employee satisfaction in the country.

“I am proud that we can support our customers through sustainable digital development and enable the functionality of critical services also during exceptional circumstances. Our success is based on our people. We have always highly valued workplace well-being and the related benefits in our company. As we recover from the coronavirus year, we must give this special attention. During the coming autumn, a notable theme for us is to further improve the level of care for the well-being of our personnel”, Auvinen says.

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